A Special Night

Warning: Explicit smut. I just love this ship so much, so I had to write a fic for it!  

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I’m thinking about handing over control of this blog to someone else, as I am not as dedicated to the ship as I used to be, and I’d rather the admin be someone who is as invested as I used to be.

Anyone interested?

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A Thomas/Kneel mix put together by yours truly as a dedication to the greatest FrostPudding pairing of all time. Long live Masterpudding!

A guide to the track list —

If it has < —- > that means it is a song both feel towards one another.

If it has < —- that means the right name is directing it towards the left name.

If it has —- > that means the left name is directing it towards the right name.

                               [ :: Listen to the Fanmix Here! :: ]

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[frostpudding] - Loki’s Midnight Visit


Loki’s Midnight Visit

A little frospudding - Loki x Tom - gift for the followers that asked for, including a very excited anon on my ask box!

What happens when Loki visits Tom in his bedroom in the middle of the night?

A strange shuffling in his room wakes him up. He opens his eyes, lying still, trying to adjust to the darkness. When he doesn’t hear anything he reaches out to the bedside table and turns on the light that illuminates the person standing in front of the window, watching him with careful eyes. Tom gasps with a suck of breath, his body jerking and his elbow connecting to the alarm clock on his night table and knocking it down the floor with a loud clank.

Not only was there someone in his room. But he instantly recognized who it was - Loki.

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smiling as Tom vs smiling as Loki

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Loki’s April to do list.


Loki’s April to do list.

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FIC: My Everything ~ Tomki ~ Explicit


Title: My Everything
Fandom: Marvel (movie ‘verse) & Real Person Fiction
Author: Batsutousai
Rating: Explicit
Pairings: Tom Hiddleston/Loki
Warnings: rough sex, minor bloodplay, religious themes, Loki’s greedy
Summary: "Would you have me own you?" Loki murmured, the words caressing Tom’s skin, cooling his face and sneaking under his shirt. "Would you give me all that I would have of you?"
Tom swallowed and peeked up at Loki, watching the way his eyes further darkened when Tom didn’t immediately refuse his advances. “And what would you have of me, Loki?” he asked, voice gone low with promise.
Everything,” Loki breathed against his lips.

Disclaim Her: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by Marvel. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended. The character of Thomas “Tom” Hiddleston is based on a real person, and no offence is intended; this is only for the amusement of myself and other like-minded (read: mentally ill) fans.

A/N: Not feeling well, and there’s smut on twitter. Invariably, this translates to ‘Bats wants to write smut’. You’re welcome. XD

This hasn’t even had a cursory reread; apologies in advance for any and all errors.

You can also read this at Archive of Our Own.

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